What do we do?

We are in the mobile content and marketing business, specifically Mobile App Publishing and Mobile Affiliate Marketing. As a Mobile App Publisher, we've had proven success in monetizing apps through in-app advertising. We recently expanded our business into Mobile Affiliate Marketing or Mobile Performance Marketing as we prefer to call it.

What type of apps do you publish ? How do you make money ?

Mostly games and entertainment apps on iOS and Android platforms but always open to publish any type of app in any category. If an app has potential for good user retention or strong viral and advertising potential, we're always interested. We aim to generate high eCPMs of course, the higher the eCPM, the more money we make. We're after high eCPMs from our own mobile apps and from mobile advertising campaigns (as a media buyer and affiliate).

What type of apps or offers do you promote ?

Utilities, gaming, dating, pin submits, sweepstakes but it could be any type of mobile app or offer. We specialise mostly in app installs, but open to all types of mobile CPA offers in any vertical.

How can we help you?

That depends. We are mostly interested in business relationships with affiliate networks, app publishers/developers and other affiliate marketers for mutual benefit. We are micropreneurs or multi profit stream focussed, building automated and passive income businesses, rather than pay-for-service orientated. We are also app and SAAS (Software As A Service) developers. Do you have a great idea for an online passive income business and looking for a tech-savvy partner who may be interested ? Then get in touch with us, it could be the start of something solid and very profitable.

Want to get in touch?

Excellent! If you have something to sell or a business proposition you think may interest us then hit us up!

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